Modelo de examen de Inglés con modificaciones:


Ejemplo 1

Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad de Extremadura

Asignatura: Inglés                                                   Tiempo máximo de la prueba: Una hora y 30 minutos


El alumno deberá responder a todas las preguntas que se formulan, excepto en el caso de la primera pregunta (la redacción), donde puede elegir entre la opci6n a y (a opción b, El alumno deberá hacer todos los ejercicios en ingles. (Puntuación máxima del ejercicio: 10 puntos. Puntuación máxima de cada pregunta: 1ª pregunta = 3 puntos; 2ª = 2 puntos; 3ª = 1,5 puntos; 4ª = 1,5 punto; 5ª = 2 puntos).



The British government has announced that school bullying has reached epidemic

proportions. Last week, England's specially designated Commissioner for Children said

nearly every child was affected by the problem. In the run up to Anti-Bullying Week, which starts today (November 21), education ministers are considering fining the parents of bullies. Pupils who attack or threaten their classmates could land Mom or Dad with a cash penalty of up to £1,710. Schools minister Jacqui Smith said: "This will send a strong message to parents that schools will not tolerate a failure to take responsibility for bullying." Additionally, there are proposals to give teachers a "clear right" to discipline children and "restrain them through reasonable force" where necessary. Ms. Smith said: "Bullying should never be tolerated in our schools, no matter what its motivation." She added that: "Children must know what is right and what is wrong, and that there will be consequences for crossing the line." She spoke after a recent spate of particularly violent and disturbing cases in schools. Twelve-year-old bullies have preyed on their victims, slashing them with knives and using iron bars to beat them unconscious. One child was told she would be "dead meat" if she returned to school. Although the right to education without fear is enshrined in the UN convention on the rights of the child, it seems Britain's schoolchildren have gone haywire and are hell bent on tormenting and injuring other students rather than learning.


1. Write a composition on one of the following topics:

a) Is bullying a big problem at school? Give your opinion in no less than 80 words.

b) Write a story of at least 80 words beginning with the words: "Peter had never been

bullied at school, but that Friday, everything changed"

2.a. Is the British government worried about bullying? Why/why not?

2.b According to the text, what weapons have bullies used?

3. Imagine your friend is being bullied at school Advise him/her to tell the teacher and give him/her a reason for doing so.


4.a. Rewrite the following sentence in the passive voice:

This will send a strong message to parents.

4.b. Rewrite the following sentence in negative-interrogative:

It seems Britain's schoolchildren have gone haywire

5. Find two words in the text containing vowels that are pronounced in the same way as

o in government, ee in week, and I in fining. (Underline the part of the word that contains the sound.)